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The project you  see was done for a great client of us in 2016. We designed the overall layout and elevation in 2 options and prepared the working drawing blueprints. However, she was indecisive about which design option to go with in particular regarding the finishes pallet and if she would like the idea of book shelf in the island. It was understandable because blueprints mostly shows the technical data needed for construction and they are not ideal visual reference for clients. So we built up 3d computer models of both options for her (the top and the middle photos), and she right away picked option 2, as she could clearly see how her kitchen would look like after being built. The bottom photo taken by a professional photographer, shows the project after construction and it is not a 3d computer representation. 

See how close the computer representation of option 2 (middle photo) is to the built project (bottom photo). This is how realistic we can offer you a computer visualization of your project. You may not notice the difference!

comparison of 3d computer modeling and rendering with actual photograph of project. How 3d modeling and realistic rendering is important and help interior design and architectural design. Z+N Studio, Toronto, Ontario
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