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Drapery sizing rules

Decorating and furnishing a home can be a challenging task and need you to make tons of decisions about the size, colour, proportion of several items. One of these items that may be difficult to figure out, is drapery. You may never realize it until when you need to do it on your own! There are however 3 simple and easy-to-remember rules for determining the best size of your drapery. The important goal is to always make the window look wider and taller and to maximize the light coming through the window when the drapes are pulled back. Following these 3 easy rules will guarantee achieving that goal. "Top-Side-Bottom"

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Many of us have had this question when installing drapery, "where to hang the rod?!" Well, it depends on the distance between the top of the window to the ceiling, but the answer to this question is ”always hang the rod a few inches below the ceiling”. It doesn't matter if the trim of the window is much lower than the ceiling, always hang the rod closer to the ceiling. This will result in a much higher ceiling and grander look. Try to avoid installing the rod close to the window trim even if your window is much lower than the ceiling height. Side: the second rule is that you should always have the rod passing the window on the sides, meaning the rod has to be extended a few inches beyond the window trims. This will make the window look wider and also when the drapes are pulled back they won't block the light on the sides allowing the maximum light to come through the window. Bottom: The last but not least rule of drapery is about the lower part of the drapes. When measuring the height of the drapery, It's important to make sure the drapery is touching the floor. Having the drapes laying on the floor for just a little bit will make it look elegant and sophisticated. Make sure to extend the drapes all the way to the floor and do not leave any space between the drapes and the floor, even if the window is not a full-height one.

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This time when changing draperies, keep these three rules in mind, you will be surprised how they can elevate the look of your home.

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