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Fading Trends in 2021

Trends come and go, we love some and we remember them , and some make us scratch our head and even say "why has it been a trend?!"

One of the questions that we get all the time is that what's trending? what style is being popular, what's the color of the year and lots of similar questions!

But I think it's important to also know what trend is disappearing and if you are looking to invest some money on your interior you would be better to avoid them.

Let's have a look at the trends that are fading.

grey kitchen, marble countertop

1. Grey kitchen

You all know that grey kitchens have been so popular in last few years. It's also the favorite color of North Americans. I personally love all shades of greys either cool or warm as well as the neutral ones. But sadly, grey kitchen is not in any more for the coming years, and we all need to say goodbye to it, either by renovating our kitchens or just refacing it, however in my opinion grey always looks beautiful and appealing to our eyes!

old fashioned furniture, furniture, matching furniture, patterned furniture

2. Matching furniture

It's funny that we have always been struggling to make sure that our furniture is matching or it's harmonized in terms of colors, shapes and patterns. Personally, I have never been a fan of furniture sets as I feel they make the room look boring !

So thankfully they are not trending anymore. keep in mind that we still need the overall furniture to look consistent regarding the style however not every single piece has to be a total match to the rest.

barn door, interior barn door, bathroom door

3. Barn doors

Barn doors may still be appropriate if it's being used in the right room but they are out of style for 2021. Fortunately there are options such as Pockets doors or sliding doors that can be as functional and also aesthetically appealing.

white furniture, white interior design, white room, all white room

4. All white

Having walls, furniture and almost everything in white was a gorgeous trend that lots of people and designers including me loved. But 2021 is going to be more colorful!

mid century modern, furniture, armchair, 70 furniture, 80 furniture

5. Mid century furniture

The mid century look and feel is also a fading trend for 2021, even though it is gorgeous, it has become overplayed and overdone. Instead of that Art deco style is coming back with vertical design elements, Sleek craftsmanship, bold geometric shapes, rich finishes, lacquered surfaces and a rise in material investments like marble, and burl wood.

shiplap, horizontal shiplap, vertical shiplap, shiplap wall, shiplap fireplace

6. Shiplap wall

Shiplap walls probably one of the hottest trends for the last few years, but it will be done a lot less in 2021, if you love shiplap, then vertical shiplap is a more modern and unique way of doing it.

All in all, if you're enjoying a space and you feel relaxed, then it doesn't really matter what's in or what's out of style. The main purpose of any good design is to make you satisfied physically and mentally! it's just a good idea to update your home and furniture with minor changes so it doesn't look dated.

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