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Click to see how 3D computer modeling and rendering can help your project

We are partnered with carefully selected vendors in North America to bring you the best of the market. 


You can now walk into your project or any space designed by Z+N Studio and experience the design before building it!

We offer 360°virtual reality and what you need is just to scan the QR code with your cellphone and look around!


Z+N Benefits Program

Design Consultation

We provide you design advises before you go down the stressful road of renovation & construction to help you make the best decisions for your precious place. We'll help you use your space in the most efficient way.

Architectural / Interior Design & Planning

  • Space Planning & Drafting

  • Lighting Design

  • Millwork

  • Custom Furniture

  • Kitchens & Bath

  • Graphic & Signage

3D Modeling & Realistic Rendering

We provide you super realistic 3d renderings for a better vision of your project.
You can try:
Different colors, finishes & styles and pick the best possible option on a computer model before paying for the actual material and construction. This service has saved a LOT for our clients by allowing them to avoid changes during the construction phase. Let's make the changes on computer as oppose to your real property.

Working Drawings & Details

We provide:
working drawings, shop drawings and details for tender, bidding, permit & construction process. Get a exact quote from several contractors based on our precise and detailed drawings. Avoid cost surprises down the road.

Furniture, Fixture & Equipment

​We pick, purchase & arrange delivery of the followings for you:

  • Furniture,

  • Material,

  • Finishes,

  • Hardware,

  • Appliances

  • Plumbing & Lighting Fixtures

Not only do we not add markup to the décor items that we purchase for you, but also we use our "Z+N Discount" on furniture, fixtures, equipment & decoration to make it more affordable for you.

How Z+N Studio works with clients

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Send us an email including only 2 items below. We will get back to you with a design quote and a booking for your free consultation with us.


photos of your room(s) you like to be designed


Short description of your design need.

For property owners

Free online consultation

If you are a contractor and need to impress your client with a fully detailed drawing package or 3D design of his/her project, and make sure that your client won't have any misunderstanding or a request for change after you build the project, 
we are here to help. See which option best fits your business style.

Option 1

You connect you client with us. We will meet him/her, do the measurement, design the space based on your client's requirements, prepare a precise drawing package for you ready to get built.
During the design phase, we will collaborate with you constantly to make sure your technical view and expertise is applied to the design. 
We invoice the client directly and you won't be in charge with payment and client management regarding the design procedure.

Option 2

We offer all the above services but as part of your business and you will be our client (as opposed to your client). 
All design phases are processed through your management and we eventually invoice you, not your client.

For contractors

Enjoy Z+N Discount on selected vendors & brands

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  • The discount is applicable to retail price. Any seasonal or other promotions offered by the vendors may not be added to Z+N discount.

  • The amount of discount depends on the vendors, product, purchase volume, and your project specifics.

  • Items must be purchased through Z+N Studio in order to be eligible for the discount.

Terms & Conditions for Z+N Discount

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